We should note that configuring your router to support Point-to-Point Tunnel Protocol VPN (PPTP) is an alternative method and covered on our Cisco PPTP Router Configuration article, however PPTP VPN is an older, less secure and less flexible solution. We highly recommend using Cisco IPSec VPN only.

Mar 27, 2020 Configuring PPTP (VPDN) Server On A Cisco Router The remote user will need the above username and password to successfully connect to the VPN. You can read our article on Windows VPDN setup to get all the information on how to set up a remote teleworker to connect to the VPN.. Article Summary. This article covered the configuration of a PPTP or VPDN server on a Cisco router. Cisco ASA SNMP Polling Via VPN Site-to-Site Tunnel Aug 28, 2013 IPSec Tunnel between Cisco ASA Firewall and Cisco Router

Route-Based VPN between Cisco Router and Fortigate

IPsec Site-to-Site VPN FortiGate Cisco Router | Weberblog.net The VPN tunnel shown here is a route-based tunnel. That is, I do NOT use proxy-ids in phase 2 for the routing decision (which would be policy-based), but tunnel-interfaces and static routes. This applies to both devices. The FortiGate firewall in my lab is a FortiWiFi 90D (v5.2.2), the Cisco router an 2811 with software version 12.4(24)T8. Lab

How to Configure Site to Site IPSec VPN Tunnel in Cisco

How to check the status of the ipsec VPN tunnel? - Cisco The good thing is that it seems to be working as I can ping the other end (router B) LAN's interface using the source as LAN interface of this router (router A). Below is the config snap shot for VPN: crypto isakmp policy 1. encr aes. authentication pre-share. group 2. crypto isakmp key cisco address!! Multiple Site to Site VPN Tunnels on One Cisco Router Oct 12, 2015 Configuration Professional: Site-to-Site IPsec VPN - Cisco