Windows 10 does not read a PAC file referenced by a file

3. Enter an intuitive Name for the GPO, such as Proxy Server Policy. 4. Click OK. Change the GPO Status. The new GPO appears in the left pane under the specified domain. 1. Select the policy proxy GPO. 2. In the right pane, click the Details tab, and then change the GPO Status to Computer Configuration settings disabled. This minimizes the Q and A - Office 365 Proxy PAC generator Sep 08, 2018 Proxy pacfile hosting without need for Webservers for v9

Q and A - Office 365 Proxy PAC generator

Apr 02, 2013 Proxy auto-configuration (PAC) - Forcepoint

PAC file addresses can be located on the Web > Generalpage and on the Generaltab of a policy. In both locations, a default and alternate address is listed. Default PAC file address: the PAC file is retrieved over port 8082 by default, or 8087 for HTTPS. Browsing with this PAC file is performed via port 8081.

Update Proxy auto-config (PAC) File