2020-7-16 · A history of every app you ever download or purchase is saved on your Apple ID. This is a great resource if your child runs up a big bill playing “pay to win” apps or if you receive fake email receipts from Apple imposters. Follow the steps below to learn how to check your App Store purchase and download history:

An iPhone may be a pocket computer, but it doesn't work the way a desktop or laptop computer works. On a computer, you interact directly with stored files: you open them, work on them, and save them; you organize them in folders using macOS Finder or Windows File Explorer; and you can view them when you want.. iOS is very different, you don't have access to the entire file system. Whitepages Background Checks iPhone App - App Store Apps Product Description. With more than 30 million users per month, the largest people directory online, and great customer support, Whitepages is the trusted source for people search, reverse phone lookup, caller ID, and background check reports that include criminal, arrest and public records. How To Check Web Browser History and Spy On Text … Being able to spy on text messages, check browser history, view contact lists and check the GPS are all very helpful features that can help people know a little bit more about the people they trust their business to, to those they trust their hearts to, and to those they trust their lives to. The Silent History

Dec 27, 2019 · Way 4: Check & Recover Safari History on iPhone Using iCloud Backup; Way 5: Find & Recover Safari History on iPhone Using iTunes Backup; Way 1: View Deleted Safari History in iPhone/iPad Settings Directly. There is a little trick to check the deleted website domain name of Safari history. Go to “Settings” on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

How to Check Your App Download History on your iPhone

Apr 10, 2020 · In the location history control panel on the left, select the date segments you want to see, in one-day through seven-day increments, or up to 14-day or 30-day increments. After you select the date segments and ranges, your location and a travel trail of your positions for the time period displays.

2020-7-20 · Lots of iPhone users buy all kinds of phone apps to use on their iPhones. However, there may be a time when you don’t want anyone to see all of the app store history that is stored onto your phone. The facts are that iCloud keeps a history of all of the apps that you have bought online so that you can re-download them if needed. App Store - Apple The App Store is the best place to discover and download apps you’ll love on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. See & control your Web & App Activity - iPhone & iPad