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How to Not Get Blocked by Craigslist. Craigslist allows users to post online classified advertisements for a wide variety of goods and services. However, there are restrictions on advertising -- and breaching these restrictions may mean Craigslist blocks an ad or even an entire user account. IP Blocked on Criagslist? - Jul 04, 2018 Craigslist lawsuit ruling says evading an IP address block Aug 19, 2013

Oct 09, 2017

How to Change your IP Address and Get Unblocked by Craigslist Mar 30, 2019

Yeah, my ip got blocked for some reason, as well. I was an avid lister but certainly not a spammer. Anyways, I used an IP masker of sorts, Spotflux. There are plenty of other similar programs. They did not block my account, only my IP address. Alternatively, I hear you can request a new IP address from your internet service provider.

Yeah my co admin was installing a portal and messed up, so the site was down for a while. I didn't know that they'd have a problem with advertising on craigslist for different countries, my mistake. But the strange thing is that my ip wasn't blocked when I tried to access the site today So I guess it all fine now @pacman: Just advetising my forum Huge Craigslist proxy server. Our residential IP pool is made up of 40+ MILLION real, unique devices. No site can block our whole network, which means you can do exactly what you want on Craigslist without limits! Let your Craigslist bot avoid flagging. Our network lets you change IP addresses with every connection or keep one for up to 10 minutes. I've had my posts banned, but its most likely from competition because theres nothing wrong with them. Never head of the IP ban, didnt know they did that. If you use a pc, try doing this: youtube link for releasing and renewing your ip. If this doesn't work, you would either have to request a new ip address from your ISP or get a new router from them.