Chromecast streams are controlled from a Chrome browser (or Firefox if you install a beta extension) or through a mobile device. Generally not on Apple Safari, though nothing is stopping Safari from implementing Cast support - the protocol as far as I can tell is documented - but Apple is busy pushing their own thing.

Mar 06, 2016 Chromecast Extension Download and Tutorial The Chromecast Extension can only be installed and used with Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a free web browser that competes directly with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari. The web browser is available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers. You … How To Cast A Safari Tab To Chromecast From Your iPhone App extensions in iOS have made it easier for apps to talk to each other. Sharing links, opening files from one app in another, or just using an app within an app are some of the things that iOS extensions allow you to do. MomoCast is a free iOS app that works as an extension and lets you cast a Safari tab to Chromecast. The free version of the How to Setup and Use Chromecast for Mac? [2019] - TechyMice

May 22, 2019

Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience. Though not required, we recommend you pin the Cast button to your Chrome toolbar. This will allow for easier access to Cast functionality from any web page. To pin the Cast button to the Chrome toolb

Connect Chromecast to Your TV. Connect your Chromecast to your Tv via HDMI port. And connect …

Aug 06, 2019 [Question] is it at all possible to stream content from If you mean Safari on iOS, yes, there's an app (or more like Safari extension) called Momocast in the App Store that mirrors your Safari screen on your iPhone/iPad to the Chromecast. Nothing like that is available on the Mac Safari though, which is bullshit on Google's part (no native app SDK).