Microsoft security advisory: Update to improve TLS session

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May 23, 2018 TLS - The Wireshark Wiki Since Wireshark 3.0, the TLS dissector has been renamed from SSL to TLS. Use of the ssl display filter will emit a warning. TLS Decryption. Wireshark supports TLS decryption when appropriate secrets are provided. The two available methods are: Key log file using per-session secrets (#Using_the_.28Pre.29-Master-Secret). Decryption using an RSA Microsoft security advisory: Update to improve TLS session

Oct 25, 2018

Postfix TLS Support When the TLS handshake fails for an opportunistic TLS session, rather than give up on mail delivery, the Postfix SMTP client retries the transaction with TLS disabled. Trying an unencrypted connection makes it possible to deliver mail to sites with non-interoperable server TLS implementations. Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 overview This negotiated version is the one that is used for the connection. If the server doesn't support the version presented by the client, the server message will specify the highest version it can use. For more information about the TLS Handshake protocol, see Establishing a Secure Session by using TLS. What is TLS encryption and how does it work? | Comparitech Feb 25, 2019 TLS v1: How does the SSL Session ID mechanism work