Citrix recommends that students bring a mobile device (iPhone, Android or Windows device) to complete device enrollment and Worx-related exercises. This device should not be enrolled in another MDM solution, or would need to be unenrolled in order to use it to complete the mobile device-specific class exercises. Course Length 5 days Key Skills

Citrix Worx Home - Jul 12, 2013 XenMobile Security MicroVPN 12 Encryption Level for TLS Session 13 How is My Data Protected Inside the Company? 13 Internal Controls 14 NetScaler 14 XenMobile Server 14 Worx Mobile Apps 14 Citrix Receiver 14 Cryptography 15 Device/Server Verification 15 Operational Security Features 16 Enrollment 16 iOS Initial Enrollment Flow Diagrams 16 Remote Data Wipe 19

Citrix Day 2014: XenMobile Enterprise Edition

Oct 10, 2017 · The current version of Citrix XenMobile is a definite upgrade to the version we reviewed last year, with support for a wide array of devices, including Windows 10 tablets. Those already using CTX140433 – Citrix Reference Architecture for XenMobile 8.7; CTX136914 – FAQ: Worx Home for Mobile Devices and MicroVPN Technology; Also check out the blog Bas van Kaam wrote about this “XenMobile prerequisits, what do we need and how does it all fit together? Technical overview included!”

Citrix and Windows 10 Modern Management

Secure Mail Test Tool is designed to help troubleshoot the ActiveSync servers for their readiness to be deployed with XenMobile environment. This tool can be used specifically for ensuring the proper functioning of the Secure Mail application. Hello, We are currently using XenMobile with Netscaler integration. MicroVPN and Secure Browse working fine. We can browse both external and internal websites but we have just one little problem which I cannot figure out. Our intranet website is placed in different subnet with different IP so its Have an interesting problem using MDX wrapped iOS WorxWeb. We have an internal webserver, serving .mp4 video using the standard HTML5 tags. The video is hosted on the webserver. The video works/plays fine if a device is connecting to the internal corporate WiFi. But when stepping outside the corp But, while we liked the Citrix Worx apps, overall we found that XenMobile is still on the complex side, even for IT administrators. (Citrix's universal device VPN) and a MicroVPN (Citrix's Citrix XenMobile is a solid Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product, though it pushes heavily for customers to use its proprietary Worx apps on the mobile device side and lacks niceties such Im a MDM/App newbie. I have installed the MDM & Appcontroller with Netscaler gateway. Packaged the WorxWeb & WorxMail to use MicroVPN to tunnel traffic to internal network. This works ok overhere. As i understand the documentation correctly you need to package an ipa/MDX to get the app wo Citrix's MDX Technology powers XenMobile's MAM. The Worx App SDK, a simple and powerful SDK that "Worx-enables" any mobile app, leverages Citrix MDX app container technology to separate corporate apps and data from personal apps and data on application-specific MicroVPN. Each app has its own dedicated MicroVPN tunnel.