Help please! PS3 won't connect to the internet (wired

Original wii will not connect to internet thru wireless. I have deleted the device from the list on my linksys. Cleared all setting on the Wii. Re-entered setting on Wii. Will sees entry point on linksys, but will not connect. There are no new devices on linksys. Created Why can my PS3 connect to the LAN, but not the internet Jul 27, 2011 How to fix a PS3 that won't connect to the WiFi - Quora

Laptop Will Not Connect to Wireless Internet but Other

Why does my PS3 no longer recognize my PC as a media server?

My Ps4 won’t connect to internet 2020. Try using ethernet cable if your Ps4 won’t connect to the internet via a wifi connection to solve Ps4 won’t connect to internet problems. My Ps4 won’t connect to wifi within time limit? Make sure you are not using a proxy server in Ps4 wifi settings. Else follow the above methods to solve this problem.

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