Everything You Need to Know About Password Managers

How was LastPass hacked? - Quora [Disclosure: I work for AgileBits, a competitor of LastPass] Thanks for the A2A, but given my position it would be inappropriate for me to really comment much on this. Note also that I have no real expertise in how LastPass does things, so everyt LastPass Can Now Automatically Change Your Passwords LastPass just announced a new feature for the password manager that automatically changes your password for sites when a hack is reported.

Naturally, LastPass’s primary function is that of helping you remember passwords, which it does pretty well, even offering a convenient feature that helps you generate secure passwords that can

How secure is LastPass? - MakeUseOf Does LastPass store any passwords (in encrypted form, of course) – locally on my machine ? Do other apps enable storing locally encrypted passwords, for example, as an alternative to the LastPass approach ? 3.) Is there a tool to let me watch what data LastPass sends over the network wire to ensure I don’t see any unencrypted passwords sync - Where does LastPass keep its local copy of the data In this forum topic, Joe Siegrist says that LastPass always store the most updated local copy of our encrypted data. I wonder if that data is stored at a single file and where . So I could make backup copies of it and maybe even access it through LastPass Pocket .

Apr 11, 2016

PSA: LastPass Does Not Encrypt Everything In Your Vault