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Feb 15, 2020 Mac Troubleshooting & Help - AppleToolBox For Mac OS X, The “X” refers to the Roman numeral, which signifies that it is the tenth version of this operating system. Mac OS X Troubleshooting Guides Mac OS X: Badly Behaving Flash; Fixes The X Lab The X Lab™ is a private venture dedicated to providing outstanding troubleshooting information and services to users of Apple® Mac® OS X®. Looking for help with a Mac OS X problem? Consult the X-FAQs, a small sample of the detailed troubleshooting information available in our Troubleshooting Mac OS X e-books. Enjoy your visit! Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials V10.6 Oct 25, 2009

Oct 25, 2009

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[GUIDE] Troubleshooting eGPUs on macOS | Thunderbolt macOS

What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode? (Mac OS X) Safe Boot is a special way to start Mac OS X 10.2 or later when troubleshooting. Safe Mode is the state Mac OS X is in after a Safe Boot. Starting up into Safe Mode does three things to simplify the startup and operation of your computer: • It forces a directory check of the startup volume. Troubleshooting Shutdown Problems in Mac OS X Lion Create a new user account and shutdown from there. 4. Log out of Mac OS and log back in as the newly created user. 5. From the Apple menu (or by using the power button on your Mac), choose Shut Down and see if it works! If it still doesn’t work, then it points to some system-wide issue that is … Mac OS X 10.6.4 Troubleshooting Guide - AppleToolBox