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Dec 29, 2015 · We have consolidated these SQL Server specific features under a new “SQL Server Configuration” section in the Create Virtual Machine Portal experience, and added the ability to configure SQL Server and VM storage for a target workload, configure SQL Server connectivity, and configure SQL Server to store encryption keys in the Azure Key Vault. The Administration Server uses the machine definition, in conjunction with the Node Manager application, to start remote servers. WebLogic Server uses configured machine names when determining which server in a cluster is best able to handle certain tasks, such as HTTP session replication. Sign in to the machine again. The configuration server management wizard starts automatically in a few seconds. Configure settings. In the configuration server management wizard, select Setup connectivity. From the drop-down boxes, first select the NIC that the in-built process server uses for discovery and push installation of mobility service Jul 21, 2020 · Multiple-Machine Configuration. After the Alteryx Server is installed on a machine, you can scale it to accommodate for higher levels of usage by enabling certain components on additional machines. Increase Engine processing capabilities by configuring an additional machine to act as a worker. Configure a Worker Machine A logically separate server environment means that multiple servers share the same physical machine. The servers are logically, but not physically, separate. The following diagram depicts a logical configuration with two server machines. One server contains the web server, and the other contains the application server and database server:

In this situation, the Web Server Plug-ins Configuration Tool on one machine cannot create the web server definition in the application server configuration on the other machine. In such a case, the Web Server Plug-ins Configuration Tool creates a script on the web server machine that you can copy to the application server machine.

vCenter Server Appliance should get an IP address from an DHCP server in your network. If there are no DHCP servers in your network, you will need to configure the IP address manually. If you have a DHCP server, feel free to skip to the next lesson. Here are the steps to manually configure an IP address on your vCenter Server Appliance: 1. ACS Configuration Services - Oracle

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RD Licensing Configuration on Windows Server 2012 Also make sure to check License Configuration and that there are no Warnings with respect to configuration. The License Server should be part of ‘Terminal Server License’ group in Active Directory Domain Services. f. On the RD Session Host server if you rerun the Diagnoser, you will see that the server now recognizes the License server the