NSA contractors use LinkedIn profiles to cash in on national security. Employees and job seekers share surprisingly revealing spy project names in public posts on professional networking site. Topics: National Security NSA Leaks NSA

NSA spying under fire: 'You've got a problem' 2013-7-17 · WASHINGTON (AP) — In a heated confrontation over domestic spying, members of Congress said Wednesday they never intended to allow the National Security Agency to build a database of every phone call in America. And they threatened to … NSA Spokesman Accidentally Admits that the Government Is 2020-7-21 · NSA Spying: A Matter of Degree We have long noted that the government is spying on just about everything we do. The NSA has pretended that it only spies on a small number of potential terrorists. But NSA Deputy Director John C. Inglis inadvertently admitted that the NSA could spy on just about all Americans.

NSA spying: The faux outrage of America's bugged allies

President Obama will be on Charlie Rose tonight to chat about all the NSA spying that came to light last week. But ahead of the broadcast, PBS has released a portion of the transcript to Buzzfeed Jul 10, 2013 · the transformation of america. the police state nsa spying targeted individuals. post navigation « nsa spying activity. targeted individuals. july 10, 2013 by whgh2016. So if you've seen the Nova documentary "The Spy Factory" released in 2006 it shows how all communication in a AT&T building is split and goes to the NSA, and basically the documentary comes right out and says every american is being spyed on by the NSA. Then years later Edward Snowden comes out and says the NSA is spying on everyone.

This breathless report from the German newspaper Der Spiegel says the NSA "attacked" the offices of the EU by spying on them.. Information obtained by SPIEGEL shows that America's National

2013-8-7 · Obama To Leno: 'There Is No Spying On Americans' : The Two-Way President Obama on Tuesday defended the U.S. government's surveillance program, telling NBC's Jay Leno that any tracking of … NSA leaks: Years of spying on Mexico govt gave US The US National Security Agency was apparently very happy with its successes in America’s southern neighbor, according to classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden and analyzed by the German magazine, Der Spiegel. It reports on new details of the spying on the Mexican government, which dates back at least several years.