These are the best Kodi and XBMC-compatible devices. the software also includes the ability to install add-ons to stream from as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, this is the

It seems like one of the only addons out there thats doing this…of course if you don’t like it you can always try Navi-X for your sports fix. 9. Spotify & Grooveshark. It’s great having a large source of video to choose from with XBMC but let’s not forget that it also is great for music. Power Up Your XBMC Installation with These Awesome Add-Ons XBMC's add-on system works very much like a Linux distribution (for those of you that are familiar with the process). There are a few different places you can get add-ons, called repsitories.One XBMC-Adult Addons | TV ADDONS

The best Kodi addons. We have over 5.000 unique addons in our repositories including the top 10 video addons and best live sport streams. You can browse a stunning 2.400 addons for Kodi and XBMC. We even have some special features to help you. Share your favorites

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Aug 19, 2019

Jan 06, 2020 What are the best addons for xbmc? - Quora Number #1 addon for me (using XBMC for almost 10 yrs) is definately Mash Up. I have been using many many addons for my main goal, stop downloading movies and TV-Shows, and Mash Ups has everything for my needs. Stream every tv show and movie you