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Art, entertainment, and media Films. Repo Man, a 1984 film by Alex Cox; Repo Men, a 2010 film by Miguel Sapochnik; Repo! The Genetic Opera, a 2008 musical film by Darren Lynn Bousman; Television "Repo Man" (X-Men episode), an episode from the X-Men animated series"Repo Man", an episode from the TV series Supernatural; Music. Repo Man" (soundtrack), soundtrack to the eponymous 1984 film Repo Man

Jesse's initial appearance. The Kent Farm Incident. On Christmas Day, Jesse, now an empowered agent of Gog and newly minted repo-man, traveled to the Kent Farm at the behest of his benefactor. Jesse claimed he had come to repossess Jonathan Kent's truck, but what he really sought was a fight with Superman.Confronted by Conner Kent, Jesse eagerly underwent a startling transformation into the Missing wiki repo in Azure DevOps - Jul 14, 2020 North-Seattle-College/ad440-winter2020-thursday-repo - GitHub Repository for AD440 Thursday Class in Winter 2020 - North-Seattle-College/ad440-winter2020-thursday-repo Amber Sweet | Repo! The Genetic Opera Wiki | Fandom