From here, we can rule out if DNS isn't issued by verifying that the host name points to a name server. If we copy the IP address of the result and paste it into the web browser, it should resolve the website name if DNS is working. Let's go ahead and do that. So I'm going to go ahead and copy the non-authoritative IP address.

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What Does the "Cannot resolve default dashboard host name Open Mesh is now Datto Networking. This page will automatically redirect you to our new, unified knowledge experience at windows - DNS can't resolve hostname; nslookup can

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If the DNS server replies with an authoritative response that returns NXDOMAIN or NAME_ERROR, Windows will return this response to applications, such as Internet Explorer. Because of this, the application will fail to resolve the host name and will be unable to access the site. Note that Windows clients will also cache this negative response. Running in batch mode Cannot resolve host name 'linux-374a' Log file written to '/var/tmp/hdb_HXE_hdblcm_install_2018-01-' on host 'linux-374a'. Failed to install HDB server. I am not a SLES and/or Linux expert but would like to understand how to resolve this and learn in the process. Jul 31, 2019 · Problem: Client is unable to resolve a host name. Troubleshooting steps: If a client cannot resolve a host name, then it is best to verify the Host name resolution sequence listed above that the client should be using. If the name does not exist in any of the resources that the client uses, then you must decide to which resource to add it. Nov 11, 2008 · I cannot use the hostname of my server to connect to it but I can use the IP address. Unfortunately, when using Outlook it automatically switches back to the hostname. I cant ping the hostname or anything. However, on the local server it can see the hostname just fine.