The Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last 10 Years

Jul 17, 2020 · From A Quiet Place to Train to Busan, it's the best-reviewed horror movies from 2010 to 2019! The 50 Best Horror Movies of the 2010s – Best 2010s Horror Films << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News Apr 18, 2020 · Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (1922) One of the scariest movies because: The silent film doesn’t have today’s blood ‘n’ guts special effects, but director F. W. Murnau still creates a This is for enlisting all the Horror films that I have seen so far in this new decade (2010-2019). So it'll be an ongoing process & I hope I can continue it till 31st Dec, 2019! Time to time recommendations, suggestions or even criticisms are always welcome from any good horror movie fan. Nov 26, 2019 · The 2010s were a decade of slicing, dicing, and monstrous thrills, and horror fans were treated to a whole host of legitimately terrifying films. From satanic thrillers to psychological suspense NME ranks the scariest horror movies of all time, including 'The Shining', 'Saw', 'Carrie' and 'The Exorcist'. Oct 29, 2019 · Our fright fest of must-see modern horror films includes “The Witch” (2015), “Hereditary” (2018), “The Conjuring” (2013), “It” (2017), “It Follows” (2014), and more! What’s In this Entertainism article, you will find a list of scariest movies of the decade, starting from the 1960s to 2010. Movies―one of the best possible ways to pass your time with friends or family. Be it comedy or horror movies, they sure make for a big time group entertainment.

Since 2006, we’ve had enough horror remakes and sequels to last a century. These are twenty of the scariest horror movies made in the past decade.

Oct 31, 2019 The 20 Scariest Horror Movies of the Last Decade. You may also like. As is usually the case in horror movies, holding back a big secret or two is guaranteed to cause major problems down the Oct 24, 2019 · 31 Of The Scariest Movies From This Decade. "Dig Two Graves didn't feel too much like a horror movies because it's so poignant, but that doesn't stop it from having some really intense moments Feb 10, 2020 · RELATED: The Decade's 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies. Jordan Peele has also pioneered a resurgence in the “social thriller” genre, scoring himself an Oscar for writing a critically acclaimed film that explored racism through the horror genre. Here is The Scariest Movie From Each Year In The 2010s, Ranked. 10 2012: Sinister

Possibly the best decade for horror cinema! Menu. Movies. Many horror movies of the 80s have a sense of humour or a comic twist or wink. Not HELLRAISER. This is an ugly exploration of cruelty and betrayal that pulls very few punches. A small puzzle box acts as a gateway to hell where strange creatures call Cenobites come to bring the pain.

These horror movies of the 2010s terrified us. After the onslaught of torture porn and oh-so-many sequels of the ‘00s, the 2010s breathed new life into horror with innovative storytelling and Dec 31, 2019 · For other winning horror-comedies this decade, don’t miss Cabin In The Woods (2012), Krampus (2015), Happy Death Day (2017), and Mayhem (2017). It Follows (2014) is a unique creature feature